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The Perfect Activity to Keep Kids Entertained This Winter and During the School Holidays

As winter approaches and the June school holidays draw near, parents are constantly on the lookout for activities that will keep their children entertained indoors. With the cold weather limiting outdoor options, it’s essential to find engaging and creative pursuits that captivate young minds.

Look no further than Sandart, a delightful and interactive craft activity that sparks imagination and provides endless hours of fun for children. At our online shop, you can find a range of Sandart products that will combat winter boredom and are sure to delight both kids and parents alike.

What is Sandart?

Sandart is a creative crafts activity that captivates children’s imagination and artistic abilities. It involves peeling a self-adhesive picture in stages and pouring coloured sand onto the sticky areas, eliminating the need for gluing and minimising any potential mess.

This step-by-step process allows kids to express their creativity while enjoying a sensory experience. Completing a Sandart card can take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, providing a rewarding and engaging activity that will keep kids entertained throughout the process.

What Sandart products can I get for my kids?

1. Sandart Six Packs: Unleash Creativity with 6 Themed Designs

Among the best-selling products that parents love to get for their children are the Sandart six packs. Each box has its own unique theme, and contains six card designs and 10 coloured sand tubes. From cute animals theme to dinosaurs & dragons theme, mermaids & unicorns theme, and more, the diverse range of designs ensures that there’s something for every child’s interest.

Sandart six pack cute animals 6 designs
Sandart six pack mermaids & unicorns 6 designs
Sandart six pack dinosaurs 6 designs
Sandart six pack fairies & butterflies 6 designs
Sandart six pack sea creatures 6 designs
Sandart fashion six pack 6 designs

2. Sandart Family Kit: Creating Memories and Bonds

For parents who want to join in on the fun and strengthen the family bond, the Sandart family kit is the ideal choice. This kit provides the perfect opportunity for parents and children to spend quality time together.

With 14 different Sandart cards, 2 Fridge magnets, 2 Bookmarks, 2 Mini Mandalas, 12 trays, and 12 bottles of coloured sand, the family kit offers a variety of designs and ample supplies for a shared experience. As children engage in this hands-on activity alongside their loved ones, cherished memories are sure to be created.

Sandart Family Kit
Sandart family kit designs

3. Customisation: Tailor-Made Sandart Experience

Some parents prefer to handpick their preferred card designs, lifters and coloured sand, and we offer the flexibility to do so. At our online shop, you can choose from a wide selection of Sandart cards, Sandart fridge magnets, Sandart mini mandalas and more, each featuring unique and captivating designs. Whether your child is fond of mermaids, dinosaurs, or cars, there’s a card to suit their preferences.

Additionally, our Sandart sand comes in 21 vibrant colours, with each colour conveniently packaged in a 75g spout bottle. For larger projects, we also offer sand in 50g, 100g, 500g, and 1kg loose packs, ensuring you have the right quantity for any Sandart adventure.

Sandart post cards
Coloured sand
Sandart accessories


With the endless creative possibilities and the joy Sandart brings to both children and parents, it’s no surprise that it’s the perfect indoor activity for the school holidays. Whatever option you go for, our online shop offers a variety of choices to cater to your child’s interests. Embrace the magic of Sandart and watch as your child’s imagination soars with every stroke of sand.



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