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The adhesive is already on the pre-cut board which means No Gluing and No Mess. Just peel the picture in stages, sprinkle on coloured sand and you’re done. 

A perfect picture!

sandart picture peel

With the card in your tray, use the lifter to slowly peel off the first area you want to work with. Be careful not to lift surrounding areas.

sandart pour picture

Choose a colour and pour it over the exposed area. Turn the card over and tap to remove excess sand. Repeat to make the area darker.

Peel off the next area and pour another colour onto the exposed adhesive. Repeat the process until the entire card is filled with different colours.

sandart picture fully colured

Congratulations! You are now a proud sand artist. Inside you will find more tips and directions on how to laminate your cards.

Creativity with Endless Possibilities