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4 Must-Have Sandart Kits for Kids During the Winter School Holidays

As the winter school holidays are getting closer, parents are on the lookout for fun and creative indoor activities to keep their kids entertained. If you’re searching for a great option, look no further than Sandart kits! They make the perfect winter craft activity and offer a wonderful way for children to express their artistic side, improve their fine motor skills, and let their imagination soar. In this blog, we’ll explore the top four Sandart kits that are ideal for the school holidays.

Dinosaurs & Dragons Six Pack

Sandart six pack dinosaurs 6 designs

For children who have a fascination with prehistoric and mythical creatures, the Sandart Dinosaurs & Dragons Six Pack is a perfect choice. This kit provides a fun and creative activity for kids to unleash their artistic abilities. With 10 sand bottles and six stunning designs featuring ferocious dinosaurs and magical dragons, children can create their own prehistoric and fantasy-inspired artwork.

2. Mermaids and Unicorns Six Pack

6 cards, sand & lifter of the Sandart Mermaids & Unicorns sx pack

Ignite the imagination of your child with the Sandart Mermaids and Unicorns Six Pack. This enchanting DIY project allows children to dive into the world of fantasy and imagination. With 10 sand bottles and six colorful designs featuring magical mermaids and unicorns, kids can bring these mystical creatures to life through vibrant sand art.

3. Fairies & Butterflies Mini Packs

Sandart mini pack - 2 cards, lifter and sand tubes

The Sandart Fairies & Butterflies Mini Packs offer a magical Sandart experience in a small and convenient package. With eight vibrant colors of sand, children can mix and create their own unique and vibrant shades. These mini packs provide ample opportunity for creativity and allow children to explore their artistic abilities while developing their fine motor skills.

4. Sandart Family Kit

Sandart Family Kit

The Sandart Family Kit is the ultimate companion for a memorable winter crafting experience with loved ones. This all-in-one kit is perfect for families that want to spend quality time together during the school holidays. With trays, bottles, cards, bookmarks, and an abundance of sand, the possibilities are endless. Children can explore their creativity, engage in sensory play, and create more than 150 unique sand art cards.


This winter school holiday, keep your children engaged and inspired with Sandart. Whether they have a passion for dinosaurs, mythical creatures, fairies, or want to enjoy a fun-filled family activity, these kits offer a range of designs and vibrant sand colors to spark their creativity and make lasting memories.



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