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  1. Place the trays on a table with a sand bottle in each tray.
  2. Start in the middle of your card and slowly peel off the first area. Take care not to lift adjoining areas.
  3. Take your card and place it inside the tray with the colour of your choice.
  4. Pour sand from the bottle over the area you’ve peeled off. Turn the card over and tap it on the back to remove the excess sand. Do not rub the sand into the card.
  5. Repeat the pouring process on the same area to obtain a darker shade.
  6. Leave the sand in the tray and remove your card.
  7. Peel off the next area, move to a different tray and repeat the motion until the image is completely peeled off and coloured.
  8. Once a bottle is empty, unscrew the cap and use the funnel to pour the sand from the tray into the bottle.



The plastic lifter works best when used as follows:

  1. Do not press too hard or dig into the card. Rather press gently and push from just outside/behind the cut-line to lift the paper.
  2. Take care not to lift adjoining areas or scratch the sand when using the lifter.
  3. (Adult supervision is required with younger children.)



  1. Younger children may need help with lifting the paper but enjoy pouring the sand themselves.
  2. Always start with the smaller areas on the design and remove the background last.
  3. Mix different colours for interesting variations.
  4. If the sand gets damp or wet, place in open bowls in the sun until dry.
  5. To cover a bigger area, first pour enough sand on one side, tip the card sideways and let the sand roll down the card.
  6. Avoid working outside on misty days as the sand will get damp. The trays need to be completely dry before you start.

Creativity with Endless Possibilities