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My daughter was given a sandart set for her birthday and I was so impressed by the attention to detail. Everything works, everything is well thought out and well made. The sand runs and sticks and is easy to return to the tube, the designs are lovely and they are perfectly cut, nothing tears or pulls up the next section (which often happens with sticker books). I loved the added extras. Having a folding tube holder is a bonus and the tray with a funnel corner is genius. Simple, cheap, light and 100% effective.

There was plenty of sand, my daughter didn't have to compromise on colour choices. When I was thinking of ways to use the left-over sand, I thought I'd check your website on the off chance that you sell extra cards and I was so happy to see that you do and that you have a wide range of designs. I feel that most kids craft sets are stand-alone items. If you liked it, buy another one. But you add flexibility - ok, you already have the basics, you don't have to buy those again but here are some additional ways to extend the fun.
This is a really well thought-out product, well done! I've saved the website so that I can order sets for future gifts (for adults too, it's quite therapeutic 🙂 and I have a suspicion that all of the tooth fairy money my daughter gets in the next few years will go toward extra cards 😉
All the best!
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From Kerry Grandin
Good morning Heinrich,

Thank you! .. And my compliments to your company on a lovely product. I've been having fun with the kids, helping them to make their cards, in particular making sort of gradient blends of colour for example in sea or sky backgrounds! They really enjoy this! I have also provided some small, safe surgical tweezers to help pick off the tinier bits.. This is an added dimension for fine motor skills and I can see that it makes the children feel very proud and important to use this "grown up" tool.. A lovely experience all round.
Thanks again and kindest regards,
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Dear SandArt

When I purchased my first SandArt kit I was told that the sand would last me through all the postcards, so I bought an extra postcard. And the only complaint I have is that I had so much fun I couldn't stop! And now I've run out of pictures, and have to wait anxiously until my order arrives. It's an amazing FUN product! All the best
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From Musina
From Babynet forum

Guys... like for real - this has got to be the best product I have come across in a long time! If we had a recent discoveries discussion, this would be it for me! I bought a postcard kit from Rikke and 3 extra cards.
I had 2 of the triplets over from 14h00 yesterday, it was storming inside so me, my husband, the dogs and 4 kids were stuck inside the whole day. I brought it out and the boys sat and did it - for the most part unsupervised for 1.5 hours! I never heard a word out of them! These were the same boys who just 5 minutes earlier were tearing my house down in frustration.

For those who don't know what it is - it's little cards and you peel off a piece at a time, pour on the different coloured sand and make a gorgeous sandart creation. I thought I'd find a huge mess, but even my "concentration issued", just turned 4 year old son managed to do it on his own, and pour the sand back into tiny test tubes without messing! You don't even have to finish the whole project in one sitting - once you see their concentration is waning it is SO QUICK to just pack away. It's the best craft I've come into in ages!
If you don't have some at home for winter you're missing out! I'd even go as far as to say a three year old could do it with parental assistance. Again this afternoon we hauled it out for an hour.

GET SOME... I mean it... GET SOME!
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Sandi Welsh
I started doing Sandart as part of my relaxation activities. I suffer from acute depression as well as severe anxiety disorder. The product helped me to relax . Thank you so much! Kind regards
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Riana Marais
This is absolutely great fun!!! My kids enjoyed it tremendously.
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Erika De Valence
PUIK! Julle raakgeloop by die afgelope naweek se Delwersfees. Dit hou die kinders baie goed besig! Julle aanbeveel vir Maja Kleuterskool om jul te nooi vir die Desember vakansieprogram.
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Daleen Jansen Van Rensburg
Just a note of thanks for such a brilliant idea.. I had about 40 kids at my son's birthday party who were kept very busy with the Sand Art.. With the Party Pack 4, all the cards were used up and I still have some sand colours left over.. I even had some mommies asking me about the pack and where they can get it.. AWESOME!!!
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Naomi Sekgobela
Email from one of our distributors:

... While I am writing to you, I have been wanting to tell you, that I would really like to commend you and your operations department for the 100% perfect stock, that I always receive. It is truly amazing, considering all the different cards and all the different amounts that I order, as well as the different kits. You can really be very proud of your team.
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Nathaly Ahrens,
My two kids, 4 and 7 years now have enjoyed Sandart for two years after I bought the package to start my business in Jeffreys Bay. They enjoy every moment. Every week they ask me when are they doing Sandart again. This product is excellent. My son of 7 years has made cards with the most beautiful colour combinations and this has helped him develop his art exceptionally. My little girl has done alot of cards herself from 2 years of age and her fine motor muscles is in great shape. Thank you Idea Factory this is a great product.
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Jeffreys Bay
Thank you for your advice and donations when I bought the sand art for our farm school's Culture and Craft week. The children had a wonderful time yesterday and many had never seen anything like sand art before in their lives. We did the sand art with the groups grade R - grade 3 and before I knew it I had little kids coming to me from the 3-5 year old group wanting to know when I would do it with them!!!
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Nicola Broadbent
Laerskool Nanaga Primary.
Ek het tydens die afgelope KKNK met julle puik produk kennis gemaak, my dogtertjie was gaande daaroor. Ek dink dat dit ook 'n wonderlike verjaarsdag geskenk is om gedurende die jaar vir haar maatjies te gee. Ek is so spyt dat ek nie toe julle hier was meer van die pakkette gekoop het nie, dit het vir Anneke redelik lank besig gehou en dit was vir lekker om iets self te kon maak.
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Hi Claire

Just to let you know that the party went really well and all the kids absolutely loved doing the sand art !! They only did 1 card each but really enjoyed it ñ even the boys!! So much so that my kids (and cousins that are staying with us) did the rest of the cards yesterday for my mother-in-lawís birthday and we actually made the cards with the laminating and all ñ they were so proud of their efforts!! I will definitely be ordering more cards from you as they all love it so much and we have the other Grannyís birthday coming up and they have already said they want to do some for her too< !!
Thanks so much for getting the home kit pack to me so quickly ñ I was really glad that I organised it for the party.
You will be hearing from me soon!
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Cheers, Lyn
Thanks very much, everything arrived safely on Friday.
Can't keep my kids away...........hope I will have something left for the party on Saturday.
Thanks for excellent service & product.
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Cape Town
I recently visited your stand at the Craft Market in Sedgefield and bought a few of your kits for my children. They have been a huge hit and I would love to get some more.
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I met you over the weekend at the Knysna Arts festival, with my two daughters in tow. They loved working with your Sand Art products and were quite keen to start their own little business distributing and displaying your products...
Once again, congratulations on what we think is a brilliant iDEA.
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Somerset West
It was such a hit the children loved it. Your suggestion of the cards was absolutely right - some kids wanted to do two which was fine but in terms of supervision the cards were perfect and for a 7year olds party the right ones. Itís a wonderful product.
Thanks again - everyone was very impressed with it and Emily says she has had the best party out of all her friends.
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Hi there,

I met Judy at a market in Wartburg today and my 4-year-old little girl, Lauren, tried her hand at doing a butterfly with SandArt. Well, I have never seen her concentrate for so long or be so engaged in one activity for such a length of time. We must have stood at the table for about 20-30 mins so she could create her beautiful card.
Initially I helped her to peel off the yellow paper, but after a while she was quite the expert and did it herself. As soon as she had finished one card, she wanted to do another. As we were chatting Judy told us about your Home Kits. Well, Lauren so enjoyed herself and proudly took her two masterpieces home.

We had not been at home for longer than half an hour when I got to thinking how wonderful it would be for Lauren to have her own SandArt kit. So, we promptly went BACK to the market and purchased the Home Kit. Lauren has been busy all afternoon and has completed 4 cards, mostly on her own. I have to admit, I was so taken with SandArt, that I also did a card myself. What a NOVEL idea!!!

Delighted Mom.
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